Anthony De La Torre is 2nd generation Cuban-American from Bowling Green, Ohio. He is an actor and the frontman of self-titled rock band DE LA TORRE who has just independently released their 2nd single "Paradise". Anthony is making his film debut as Young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). He also portrays drummer Hellhammer from Norwegian black metal band "Mayhem" in Jonas Åkerlund & Ridley Scott’s upcoming bio-pic thriller Lords of Chaos (2017) and plays drums in Metallica’s music video “ManUNkind” featuring the Lords of Chaos cast. Anthony also stars in the title role of Greg Lamberson's teen horror Johnny Gruesome (2017). He made his television acting debut as Latin heart-throb Anthony Del Rey in the hit Nickelodeon sitcom, 100 Things To Do Before High School (2016).